How to create “group-as-system” level learning in t-groups

It is through the cycle of action and reflection that t-group members learn about group processes. But this learning cannot be assumed to happen automatically in each t-group experience. The main aim of this article is to help trainers understand the importance of focusing t-group members on learning, and specifically of focusing them on learning on the group-as-system level, an approach which was comprehensively developed by the ÖGGO. After a brief introduction we explore three theoretical assumptions that form our basis: the group as a social system; learning as a shared social construct; and reflecting on how the actions of developing the group as a social system facilitate multiple-level learning. Using this last theoretical assumption about reflecting on the development of the group, we illuminate and look more closely at the three levels of learning—individual, interpersonal and sub-system, and group-as-system. At each level we provide examples of trainer interventions to focus the learning.

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