Qualitative growth in various forms has been my passion for many years. This kind of development allows for differentiation and integration. It leads to a deeper, broader and more intense awareness of oneself in one’s interraction with the outer world. The main focus is the coevolutionary connection of the parts to the whole context.

Essentially, it is about how we can recognise and shape possibilities, how we can become better in our coevolutionary development as human beings, managers, organisations and as a society. Key words: Agile Management, Learning Resilience, Coevolution, Generative Development, Spiraldynamics, Value Development, Moral Development, Action Learning, Cultural Development, etc.

The challenge is to shape our unknown future communally, in a natural and vital way; to do so with dignity, while at the same time dealing with high levels of uncertainty and taking into account all our differences.

The potential of a company is closely connected to its awareness of the whole in relationship to the parts, and to its awareness of differences. The extent to which managers are aware, and their willingness to make connections and to be integrative and inclusive, influences a company’s possibilities for its future development.