We humans can raise awareness about power relations in order to realign power among people and social systems, and create power relations consciously. The leadership system of an organisation decides which power relations appear unquestionable. They are presented as given patterns which have to be learned and practised by everyone, and which can be mutually created. A given set of power relations can be useful in processes of flux and change, in order to create the sense of a safety within the flow. They can give us stability in order to open up the possibility of new shared activities. Keywords here are: Framework, Concentration and Orientation.

 If the leadership of an organisation wants to support power from within to encourage empowerment for a shared future, it is helpful for us to ask and answer questions such as:

  • For what purpose and how do we want to create functional power relations, structures and organisations for future developments, in order to create movements beyond existing systems?
  • How can we fuse patterns and routines, and how can we flow beyond established forms?
  • For what purpose and how do we want to use the possibilities and limits of various power structures and their interrelations, as well as the interplay of power relations with the current system?
  • For what purpose and how can we establish designs, scopes and structures that provide the space and freedom needed to create the future together?
  • How can we support collective future developments that ensure dignity in the present?
  • For what purpose and with which consequences do we want to connect ourselves with the world and interact with it?
  • How can we renew and reinvent ourselves together with shared power?
  • For what purpose and when do we want to engage ourselves/our organisation with others?
  • How and for what purpose can we foster collective bonds so that shared action finds its meaning as part of a larger movement?
  • How can we become aware of the beyond and encourage lifelines, freedom, humanity, sense-making for our shared actions, and interconnectedness with ourselves, the whole and responsibility for the future of the whole?

As leaders we take on responsibility through organisations when we create the future and at the same time we create conditions for individuals. We provide limits or opportunities for people’s development as well as for society.