Marah Queens saw the light of day at the turn of the millenium in a moment of death, doubt, transformation, rebirth and growth. It was a profound gift of realisation for me that I could also make myself and my growth accessible to others using this pseudonym.
For many years, I have been able to support managers, teams, organisations and social movements in their transformation and growth. The fact that I could develop this skill as a profession and a passion in such a vital way is connected to my own profound personal and professional development.

With Marah Queens, I want to open a door to you, dear website visitors, into my own transformations. Under the pseudonym Marah Queens, I have written a book about myself called ‘Königinnen. Varianzen einer unangepassten Frau’ (Engl. Queens. Variations of a Misfit). I have also edited a book which has made accessible to the public eleven other stories of transformation and growth. In ‚Schichten wechseln. Case Studies zu Resilience Lernen’, the authors also write under pseudonyms.

Both books by Marah Queens include case studies of real-life transformations and vertical-qualitative growth.