Leadership, both in terms of how we conceive it, and how we carry it out, is for me an important generative force in the world. I believe that each person can decide to be a leader. Leadership is carrying responsibility for oneself, one’s own intentions and actions, and the impact of one’s actions. It’s about one’s own energy and power, development, mind, body and heart, etc. Leadership is also carrying responsibility for others; one’s partner, child, team, organisation, a particular movement, a desired change, connections among people and systems, etc. Each of us can decide to be a leader or not, regardless of whether we have a formal leadership position. As leaders we are relationship models who can support other leaders and co-leaders and influence how we use and share power for our future.

As we know, the future is uncertain. Dealing with different perspectives and creating a future together is essential for leadership in order to reach a position from which it can truly grasp its environment. This requires of leadership an awareness and reflective perception that equips it to deal with the uncertain outcomes of its own actions in an uncertain environment and future.

For organisations this means an investment in leadership development, which calls for the development of an internal capability. A conscious decision to invest in leadership capacity is also helpful in establishing an organisation’s unique identity?