Imagine dynamics that you cannot predict, unknown dynamics that you cannot grasp. Imagine an irritating action you don’t know how to respond to. These things are confusing; they make us unstable and yet encourage our curiosity and strength at the same time. How we deal with unknown dynamics and with irritation makes us more or less human, more or less successful, more or less self-confident, and more or less open to growth.

Through irritation an individual or system (team, organisation, community etc.) can be lead to new momentum or information. Through irritation we can be challenged, or not…to change and develop. Whether the individual or system decides to take up this challenge is up to the individual or system concerned.

How we (as humans or systems) grow cannot be predicted in a mechanical manner. We as humans steer and create ourselves, just as systems steer and create themselves, in an ‘autopoietic’ and self-inventing way.

This, amongst other things, creates a dynamic of social interconnectedness and interwovenness. A flow of inter-related potential, which can be realised (or not) through activities and through the opening up of new and shared possibilities.

A social and dynamic process of communal observation, experience, learning, and development of prototypes for which we are jointly responsible and which we create together.

I’m interested in the idea that, even when we don’t do something together, we are still doing something, in so far as we let others do it.

Seeing it like this makes consulting, leadership, entrepreneurship and project management more of a challenge, as influencing others becomes a complex endeavour.

If this text irritates you too much or not enough :-), then you can read more here ….