To see and consciously balance differences makes us reflective hybrids. Differentiation and integration are the creative tasks of qualitative growth. Our own habits and patterns seem so normal, and at the same time they can contribute to a dysfunctional life, and inhibit our growth and humanity in many different ways. Negative loops are often the norm – part of daily life and business. In my work as a consultant for companies, I have experienced the way that a movement away from patterns, and given structures, (space and pace) can help us connect anew, and create and invent relationships, as well as new spaces, and a new sense of the future. This can be a real game-changer and transformer when we dare to step into the unstructured and the unknown. Individual and collective movements beyond known, organised routines enable vitality, positive loops and shared vertical growth in quality. Differentiation opens us to new perspectives; integration allows us to connect the parts, interests and perspectives anew as a whole system.

We can feel our own desire to be whole as life expands and connections are made through individuals, organisations and society. The real mission for me is to connect myself and others to life, to the life force. This is often seen as motivation but is deeper and more intense, going beyond the current topics, structures, strategies, values and beliefs of organisations or systems. It extends to each of us and involves an awareness that goes beyond given structures, beyond patterns, out into the ‘field’, the environment of organisations, the potential and opportunities for a new future. We can operate at a meta-level, adopting a bird’s eye view and using, as it were, foot, beak and wings to reconnect ourselves again and again to the flow of energy and life. The more initiative and responsibility we can take on, the greater is our capacity to see and integrate more differences and work with them as resources for ourselves, our teams, organisations and society.